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Panda love

Title: Panda love

Pairing: TopRi
Genre: Fluff, slight smut, humor
Warnings: Umm, idk actually, PG-13?
Type: One-shot
Wordcount: 1623
Summary: Seungri being teased by Seunghyun, but still in the end Seunghyun ends up comforting him.
Disclaimer: I don't own Big Bang, just the story I wrote.

A/N: My second fic ever lol. Okay idk the beginning is kinda lame, the best part is the ending with the (attempted) fluff and smut.
Inspired by this video and adorable pre-teen Seungri lol.  

Panda love

Jiyong was switching the channels on the TV. The noise from the random sounds coming from the TV irritated Seunghyun who was trying to write lyrics on the opposite side of the room.

“Jiyong, make up your mind.”

“There’s nothing good on TV.”

“Then don’t watch TV.”

Seunghyun’s always so logical answers made Jiyong groan in boredom. He clicked the remote a few times until a show suddenly caught his eye. He realized it was an old one, the program probably showed clips from old music shows by the looks of it. But what really made him stay to watch was that they were showing had the name Coke Play Battle Shinhwa. That name rang a bell in Jiyong’s head but he couldn’t figure out why.

Not until a certain face came stepping out on the stage and started singing. And dancing. Oh my.

Jiyong’s laugh cut Seunghyun’s thoughts. He was about to snap at him again and stood up and walked to the TV when he was stopped by the image on the TV.

It was the Battle Shinhwa show. He remembered it because it was where Seungri had auditioned first before he became a trainee at YG.

It showed Seungri in his audition. He was a maybe 14 years old and had his black hair all spiky plus a pair of black glasses that, as Seunghyun noticed, kept sliding off his nose so he had to pull them up with his finger from time to time. He was wearing an oversized red sporty tank top that made him look even slimmer, not at all like he was now. This made Seunghyun think about how Seungri looked like now, which made him smile a bit. He sat up and made his way to the kitchen.

At the same time, as if on cue, the man in the spotlight came walking in to the living room. Seungri had just had a photoshoot and was wearing a suit.

“Hey guys, want to hear what I’ve been do-“ He halted suddenly when his eyes met the TV and he let out a gasp. He ran over to the couch where Jiyong was sitting and tried to snatch the remote away from the very amused Jiyong’s hands. Jiyong on the other hand jumped up from the couch which resulted in a race between him and Seungri. Jiyong came rushing to the kitchen and threw the remote to Seunghyun who barely had time to register the thing flying before he caught it. Seungri practically threw himself over Seunghyun in order to get the remote.

Seunghyun looked down at his miserable face and decided this was an excellent time to tease the maknae a bit.

“Hyung, give it back.”

“No, I was just going to go watch some TV. I heard there’s something interesting on there.”

“That was made like a million years ago!”

“Six years isn’t that much if you think about it.”

Seungri glared at him and then stepped closer to him, so that their bodies were almost touching.

“Give the remote back.”

“You should wear glasses more often. It suits you.” Seunghyun snuck in an arm around Seungri’s waist. He wasn’t sure, but it seemed like a slight blush was forming on Seungri’s chins.

“Really?” Seungri let his hands rest on Seunghyun’s chest while he looked up at him with eyes that made Seunghyun want to hug him even tighter. Seungri also laid down his head on Seunghyun’s chest. Seunghyun laid casually back on the kitchen sink and let Seungri put his weight down on him.

“Yeah. You should definitely spike up your hair and wear red tank tops more often.” he chuckled to himself when Seungri pulled his hand up and slapped him, quite sloppily though, on the arm.

“I looked like a kid back then. I was a kid. I can’t believe they’re showing that again.” Seungri shrug. “Shouldn’t have gone there. I couldn’t even sing back then. Or dance. No wonder I wasn’t picked to the group.”

Seunghyun looked down on Seungri. The remote was long forgotten somewhere on the kitchen stance. He decided he would hug him tighter after all.

“I’m glad you didn’t make the group.” he said, resting his head on Seungri’s.

“You mocking me or something hyung?”

“Otherwise you wouldn’t be in Big Bang right now.” Seungri was quiet.

“And we wouldn’t be in the same group.” Seunghyun finished. Seungri just laid there and held on to his waist and didn’t say anything. At first.

“I wasn’t picked to Big Bang either.”

Seunghyun mentally slapped himself for bringing up the subject - because it was he who’d brought it up right? - at first hand. He lifted his hand and started caressing Seungri’s chin. Seungri was stating to pull away but Seunghyun held his grip.

“Seungri.” Seungri sighted.

“You were picked to the group Seungri. YG saw your talent and you were picked, even if it wasn’t first. And I don’t think we would be where we are now if we didn’t have you with us. Big Bang wouldn’t be Big Bang without its maknae.”

A shy smile crept into Seungri’s lips. “It’s cute how you try to comfort me…. but thanks.”

“No, really. It’s the truth.”

Seungri snorted.

“Or I think so at least.” With that Seunghyun bent down and kissed Seungri gently on the lips. It was so gentle Seungri even blushed a bit, and hoped Seunghyun wouldn’t notice. He hoped his body wouldn’t react so strongly to Seunghyun’s touch, but it did, and when Seunghyun spoke with that low voice about how special Seungri was to him, Seungri had to fight the urge to throw himself on him and smother him with kisses. So when Seunghyun kissed him so gently, Seungri decided he’d show him how much those words meant for him, and taking a firm grip with his hands of Seunghyun’s head he held his lips there on his and deepened the kiss slowly.

Seunghyun noticed what Seungri was doing and groaned approvingly into Seungri’s lips. As an answer Seungri bit Seunghyun’s lip and introduced his tongue in between the open lips. He also couldn’t help himself as he started slowly pressing himself on him even more, as if their bodies would intertwine and melt together if he did. He hoped this would excite Seunghyun to go more physical.

Seunghyun felt Seungri’s groin press against his, and the hardening bulge made him moan silently into Seungri’s mouth. He could guess the maknae’s intentions, but knew the kitchen wouldn’t be the best option right now, as it was the middle of the day and all the other members were there, and though they all knew about Seunghyun and Seungri, he doubted they wanted to see too much of any public displays of affection. So he gently broke the kiss and chuckled at Seungri’s groan and pout immediately after.

“I don’t think Youngbae is gonna approve if he finds us here when he comes to make dinner.”

“He’ll forgive us.”

“Let’s not take the chance.” Seunghyun smiled and Seungri wanted to kiss the dimples that formed there.

“We haven’t done it in the kitchen yet.” Seungri said with a sly smile as he pressed himself against Seunghyun again. He let his arms roam from Seunghyun’s nape to his shoulders to finally rest on his hips where he gently massaged the hip bone there, leading to his groin.

Seunghyun couldn’t help but smile at his persuasion, which by the way started to work since he was really getting turned on. He decided he’d tease him more. Somehow that gave Seunghyun too much fun.

“You could put some glasses on and a top and I’ll think about it.” As soon as he said it he started imagine Seungri in a long top that showed off his arms and the muscles, his neck and maybe just a hint of his chest, the lines of his six pack just ghosting under the fabric.

The thought had him hard.

Seungri again thought that Seunghyun had some odd way to get himself off, but he was glad as long it included him. So he looked at him through his long lashes.

“Want me to dance too?” he said grinning. Seunghyun let his hands caress Seungri’s arms and then let them rest round his waist, so that they were locked to each other waist down.

“I think I’ve gotten enough of your Strong Baby dance to imagine it already.”

“It’s an awesome dance isn’t it?”

“That song made you really cocky didn’t it?”

Seungri chuckled and gave him the sweetest smile. Seunghyun couldn’t help but smile back. He bent down and kissed Seungri’s hair, and proceeded down to his ears which he knew Seungri was sensitive in, and to his satisfaction Seungri squirmed and gasped slightly, his mouth open and making the cutest noise Seunghyun knew that somehow also made him sexy.

They both were so concentrated on each other that they didn’t realize they weren’t alone anymore.

“That’s great and all, but could you not do that in kitchen right now?” Seunghyun lifted his head and Seungri turned his to look at Youngbae who’d stepped in. The Seunghyuns smiled and tried to look innocent. Youngbae gave them a look.

Seunghyun laughed and untangled himself from the younger man. He took his hand and led him away, in the direction of his bedroom.

“I told you. Come here, you still remember I had a favor I wanted you to do.”

Seungri blushed and smiled happily and Youngbae groaned as in I-don’t-want-know and went ahead to make himself some food.

They were almost at the door when they heard Youngbae’s voice again.

“Okay, why the hell is the TV remote in the kitchen sink?”                                         


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