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Cuddling friend

Title: Cuddling friend
Author: Camouflagecat
Rating: PG
Pairing: G-Ri
Word Count: 1078
Genre: Fluff, humour
Disclaimer: I don't own the persons, just the story.
Summary: Seungri has a secret.

A/N Another quick (not that short tho) drabble I did having my writer's block for my other stuff. Lol why do I get these weird ideas for storys? I find this fic just very silly but I had to post it here xD grammar and mistakes are all mine!

One evening when Jiyong came home late at night he noticed Seungri in his room rummaging through his closet. He was looking for something.

Jiyong didn’t want to intrude or anything, but he was curious to see what made the maknae so anxious. He knocked on the open door but without even waiting for an answer walked in to the room.

“Wh- hyung! Hi!”
Seungri startled and stood up a bit too quickly. Was he hiding something? Jiyong tried to sneak around him but the maknae turned around as he went instead and he noticed the younger man was definitely hiding something behind his back.

This made Jiyong extremely curious.

“Show me what you’re hiding.”
“I’m not hiding anything hyung.”
“Yes you are! You won’t show your back to me! What is it? Food? Photo of your secret crush? Clothes you bought with the company’s money?”
Jiyong stops suddenly and his eyes widen in shock. “You didn’t borrow any of my clothes and tear them did you?”
“What? No! hyung, it’s nothing, really, and besides, I really have to go now-” he manages to choke out until his hyung surprise-attacks him head on and manages to grab him by the waist. When he tries to free himself Jiyong sees something falling from his hand. He dives and snatches it away to look at what it is.

It’s a ragged teddy bear plushie. It even looks like it’d gone through some rough times.

He stares at it confused. Seungri’s looking embarrassed and tries to take it from his hand. “Ah, hyung, you weren’t supposed to see that-“
“What is it?” – the younger man desperately tries to take it away but Jiyong manages to dodge his attacks  - “I didn’t know you had this kind of stuff. Is Seunghyun’s toy obsession catching on to you too?”

Seungri and Jiyong were now stalking each other in circles around Seungri’s room. ”I must say your taste in toys isn’t the most stylish tho-” 
“Don’t you talk about him like that!”
Jiyong stops and stares at the other surprised. “Him?”
Seungri stops in frustration and crosses his arms. And pouts. He doesn’t meet Jiyong’s eyes. “You wouldn’t understand hyung.”
“What? What wouldn’t I understand? Tell me.”
Seungri hesitates, but then he slowly lifts his gaze to meet Jiyong’s. “Promise you won’t laugh.”
“I promise.” Jiyong holds his hand on his heart. “Your hyung promises he won’t laugh.”
Seungri sights. “Remember the holiday we had a few weeks ago? When I went back Gwangju?”
“I met with my parents. And… and they were looking through our old stuff. You know, from my childhood.”
Jiyong thinks he knows where this is going.
“And then they… they found Mr. Fluffy.”

Jiyong stares at Seungri.

“Mr. Fluffy?
“Mr. Flyffy as in…” - he hold up the teddy bear and points at it – “…this guy?”
Seungri looks at him calmly. “Yes.”

Silence. Jiyong looks at the teddy bear.

“You know, he isn’t exactly fluffy now is he-“
“Shut up, he was when I got him.”

Jiyong looks back and forth between his dongsaeng and the teddy. He doesn’t really know what going on, but he thinks there’s no way Seungri could’ve been any cuter than this. “And why did you take him with you?”
Seungri comes up to him and takes the plushie. He hugs it tightly and morphs into a little kid in Jiyong’s eyes.
“Because… because I remembered what he meant to me back then. I always carried Mr. Fluffy with me wherever I went, and I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t have him on my side. And when I was sad or felt lonely, he was always there for me.” Seungri holds up the teddy bear and looks at it tenderly.

“I remembered how easy life was when I was a kid. I wish I could be as carefree as I was then, without all the complexity life has now. That’s why I took him with me hyung. So that whenever I feel like there’s too much weight on my shoulders I can look at him and remember the Lee Seunghyun I was and his dreams.”

At the end of Seungri’s little speech he looks at Jiyong again and Jiyong thinks he’s so damn adorable. But he also feels guilty for not knowing how Seungri felt. There’s always a lot of pressure on him, Jiyong realizes, yet he never asks Seungri how he is or how he feels.

“So anyway, I’m sure this all sounds really silly to you hyung-“
“No, I understand.” Seungri looks surprised. “Really?”
“Yes.” Jiyong smiles. “You see, I also have my secret cuddling friend I hug whenever I feel down. And when I’m stressed or sad, I look or think of him and my mood lifts up immediately.”
Seungri lights up and stares at Jiyong curiously. “Really? Wow hyung I didn’t know you were that kind of guy.”
Jiyong smiles even wider. “Yeah. Actually, I feel like giving him a big hug right now.”
“Really? Can I see him too-aagh!” Seungri yelps as Jiyong suddenly squeezes him tightly between his arms. Then his eyes widen in realization and he groans.

“Ah, hyung, c’mon, that’s just lame!“
Jiyong laughs. Seungri is struggling to break free, but Jiyong keeps his hold, and buries his head into that little space between Seungri’s shoulder and neck. Seungri stops moving and relaxes in his arms.
“Lame hyung”, comes Seungri’s weak protest.
“You see now, Seungri, whenever you feel down you can think of Mr. Fluffy and be happy again, because I’d hate to see my panda sad when I need him for cuddling.”
Jiyong takes the teddy bear from Seungri’s hand and holds him to Seungri’s chest.
“See, Mr. Flyffy agrees too.”

Seungri can’t help but smile widely, and he holds Jiyong’s hand and Jiyong feels content. His panda is happy again.
Seungri breaks free from Jiyong’s embrace and smiles shyly at him with the plushie.
“I’m glad we could have this talk, hyung.”
“Me too Seungri, me too.”

Seungri leaves Mr. Fluffy at his bed and walks to the door. When Jiyong thinks he gone, he suddenly sticks his head in to the room again.
“Hyung?”Jiyong is just walking out of the room. “What is it Ri?”

“That thing about tearing your clothes that you said earlier? Well, you never use your black glitter louboutins anymore anyways right?”

And Jiyong finds out his panda is very quick from his feet too.


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