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flower boy you&me

Title: Baby
Author: Camouflagecat
Rating: R
Pairing: GTOP
Word Count: 2734
Genre: angst, smut
Disclaimer: Characters not mine.
Summary: Jiyong's and Seunghyun's relationship has its flaws.

A/N Okay, so I haven't posted anything in a couple of months due to my write's block and now I'm posting a fic I actually wrote two months ago. It's GTOP with drunk Ji which seems to be my favorite subject. The beginning is actually written ages ago as a drabble that I then decided to continue into a full one-shot, hopefully it make sense. All grammar mistakes are mine.

The bass is still low and the throbbing has stopped at my lower half were it desperately still longs for your touch.Collapse )Read more...Collapse )