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Drunk talk
flower boy you&me
Title: Drunk talk
Author: Camouflagecat
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: G-Ri
Word Count: 728
Genre: angst, smut-ish
Disclaimer: I don't own the persons, just the story.
Summary: Seungri thinks Jiyong is so troublesome when he's drunk.

A/N Another GRi drabble. I really can't decide which pairing I like the most to write about, so I kinda switch between all of them. My fics are in no way related no one another though. Unless I say so. 
This fic was inspired by a close-up photo of a zebra. No really. I get my ideas from the weirdest places.

The club is dark and the noise too loud. Seungri falls back into a couch in the VIP room and groans loudly. He knocks over a few glasses by mistake. His vision is getting a bit blurry.

Not too blurry though to not notice the familiar person walking towards him. ‘Walking’ being an exaggeration, more like stumbling forward the last few steps ‘till Jiyong finds the couch and sits down next to Seungri, grinning widely. He has a drink in his hand, but he puts it away on the table.

“What up Ri!”
“Hyuuung, don’t scream into my ear!” Jiyong brings his face even closer to his.
“Sorry maknae.” he whispers softly and his lips tickle against Seungri’s ear. Seungri tries to move away and sights.

“I like you maknae.” Here we go again, Seungri thinks. Jiyong’s drunk talk.
“My mankae, my dongsaeng.” Jiyong talks with a sweet voice, looks at him almost innocently.

“I like your eyelashes.”
Jiyong brings his hand to Seungri’s face to caress his chin and then he grabs the younger man's jaw to turn his head towards him. Jiyong looks at Seungri intently as if he’s inspecting something.
”You have eyelashes long as a zebras.” Seungri looks at him bewildered, and then he laughs, and Jiyong laughs too. He brings his hand to cover his mouth but then he glances at Seungri again, and leans over to him. He looks at him and his eyes start to wander over his body and Seungri thinks it’s weird, his gaze, but he doesn’t mind. It’s Jiyong.
“You have legs like a gazelle’s.” Jiyong continues. Seungri lifts an eyebrow.
“And the stubbornness of a mule.” Seungri laughs again and looks at his huyng with wide eyes.
“Aish, hyung, now you’re just trying to offend me!”
Jiyong just grins and drapes himself over Seungri, nuzzling his head to his shoulder. When he breathes into his neck Seungri can feel his neck hair stand up.

“And then… you’re a…”
“What?” I swear to god, if another comparing to animals-
“You’re a… salmon.”
“The fuck hyung.”
“Language, maknae.” Jiyong bites at Seungri’s ear and he jumps. No one is paying attention to them though, as it seems. Now Jiyong is moving to straddle him between his legs.

Jiyong is so troublesome when he’s drunk.

“Always going against the current, no matter what others say.”
Jiyong whispers quietly into his ear and kisses the start of his jawline. “My sweet Seungri.” Seungri doesn’t say anything, but he can’t help himself, craning his neck to give his hyung better access. Jiyong kisses down his neck but then he starts to giggle, like he’d heard something funny and comes up to meet Seungri’s eyes again.

“But most of all…” He brings his lips close to Seungri’s, who’s looking at him nervously, yet anticipating.
“…you’re my… sweet little… panda.” Jiyong suddenly kisses Seungri on the lips - well, no it wasn’t that sudden, Seungri was waiting for it the whole time - and it is gentle even if Seungri can taste the alcohol Jiyong’s been drinking all night. He doesn’t mind. And when Jiyong introduces his tongue to his mouth he doesn’t mind either.

He wasn’t really coherent himself.

Jiyong is so troublesome when he’s drunk.

“I like you.” Jiyong says again when they break the kiss.
“Even when I’m such a mess?” Seungri whispers back.
“Both zebra, gazelle and salmon and panda, that can’t be good can it?”
“I don’t mind.”
Jiyong presses down with his hips on his lap, or maybe he’s just moving for a more comfortable position, anyways, Seungri feels the movement way too clearly. Jiyong kisses softly his forehead and brings his head down to Seungri’s ear again, to nib at his earlobe.

“We’re all animals after all.” he whispers again, drowning the sound of the club, the people around them.

It makes no sense. And it sounds so dirty, Seungri thinks. But it’s late, and the club is packed, and no one they know is in sight, and no one cares. And Seungri can’t help it. He can’t help himself.

His hyung is so troublesome when he’s drunk. He drags him with him to the depths and he’s trapped. And maybe he likes it too much to try and fight back.

Seungri really can’t help himself.
“Would you… show me hyung?”

And Jiyong smiles like Seungri's already lost.

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this is cute! i like yr dialogue and the way this toes the line between 'omg g-ri are in love!!' and them just being stupid boys with no idea what they're doing :)

please don't take this as criticism (it's not, exactly) because i wouldn't bother to say it if i didn't like this but a beta reader would really help you out. tighten up yr writing, yeah?

example: "Jiyong brings his hand to Seungri’s face to caress his chin and then he grabs his jaw to turn his head towards him. He looks at him intently as if he’s inspecting something. he, he, he, his, woah confusing. there are plenty of descriptives or alternate sentence construction to avoid this. obv things like this aren't a big deal individually but if you want to clean it up a beta's prob a good idea.

either way- post more!

Okay, no I appreciate constructive critisism!
I have a beta reader for my longer fics, I just tend to be a bit lazy in beta reading when writing these short drabbles >__<
I know what you mean, I'll correct it and think about it next time :)
Thanks for commenting!

I was drunk lastnight lnfao
I don't even remember my words
I'm troublesome to GD it's all good lmfao

Lol I think we can all relate sometimes XD
Thanks for commenting!

“Would you… show me hyung?” omg RI, u cute!! I love it...

" “I like you maknae.” Here we go again, Seungri thinks. Jiyong’s drunk talk. " << my fav part! totally can imagine SeungRi's expression! ;P

People say the strangest things when they're drunk~
Thanks ^^

This fic makes me feel a lot of things xD

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