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My name is

Title: My name is
Author: Camouflagecat
Rating: PG
Pairing: no pairing, Seungri-centric
Word Count: 531
Genre: slight angst
Disclaimer: Nope, he's not mine. All grammar mistakes are tho /tear.
Summary: About hard work and dreams coming trough. Maybe.

A/N I wrote this a couple of months ago, and came to the conclusion I didn't want to post it at all, but then today I was reading something about Seungri and this came to mind. I guess I'm just gonna post it here anyways. I haven't posted anything in forever anyways.
Was written to take place in the same universe as Free Me and if you read that one you can see the connection. I hope.

He walks along the pavement, tries to blend in in the crowd. Then he realizes that they don’t recognize him, and he decides he’s an ordinary man this night. Just like everybody else.
Wouldn’t it be nice if someone came up to him though, maybe some nice looking girls, and they would know him, and they would want his autograph? Wouldn’t it be nice if he wasn’t who he was, and he could walk up to a nice looking girl himself, and ask her out on a coffee?

He looks around. The sky is so dark up ahead. He wonders how the city would look like from up there, from the top of the sky scarper maybe, these thousands of lights scattered across the darkness of the night.
He happens to walk by a window that reflects his imagine, and Lee Seunghyun turns his head to look at himself and wonders, if everything would have turn out as good as it did if he’d chosen another way.

All those people who said he couldn’t make it, all those people who said he could make it but that he didn’t believe in. What did he believe in? Thinking back, what were his dreams made of back then, of if not hopeless wishes, sweat and tears no one saw but his room, where he could lock himself away, where he could lock the world away.

There is no wind here. But Seunghyun can imagine the cold air in the darkness that the street lights can’t reach. He can slightly feel it ghosting over his jacket, the coldness. He buttons his jacket, just in case.

A boy grows up to a man and the name he carries shows who he is. That name is not just for show, it isn’t for petty reasons like fame and the idea of ‘coolness’; it’s damn hard work, it’s all that sweat and tears and hopelessness that grows inside that you work to get out, that makes you want to give up.

That sometimes makes you want to give up so bad.

But Lee Seunghyun decided he wouldn’t. Not for this one. And that’s why he damn right takes what he gets because he worked hard for it. And, may he add, he will make a name that shows all those people that never believed in him, that he went and made something of himself.

Or that’s what he hopes for at least.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if these people here knew his name? That the word he chose would make them think of him, and he would walk by them on the street and they would make a glance, and then turn around to take a second look because they can’t believe they just saw him?

Seunghyun stops and looks up into the air. He looks up so far his neck starts to complain, and sends out a silent request.
Anyone? Does anyone know me here?

No answer. The noise of the life in the city drowns any sounds coming from outside.

No answer.

Well, of course, they can’t read his mind after all, can they? Wish someone could though, just this time.


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