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flower boy you&me
Title: Friend
Author: Camouflagecat
Rating: PG
Pairing: GDYB
Word Count: 273
Genre: angs-'ish, drabble
Disclaimer: Characters not mine.
Summary: The one to let your guard down for.

A/N Just an uber-short drabble really.

I never cry on the outside because that is weakness. I never let my guard down because that would be foolish. I never get my hopes up too high because they’d be too high for me to reach.
I never voice out my desires because if I say them out loud they might never come true.

I’m a dragon. I live in your fantasies but I’m not real. I’m too far away. No one will reach me from where I am.

And then you’re there.

And you see what others don’t see.

And when your strong arms embrace me and your eyes and mouth curve to a smile that shines on me and you say you’ll be here forever, I don’t dare to believe, because that dream might shatter me.

“It won’t. I won’t let it. I’ll never leave. I never did.”
Your words are always spoken with such calmness the calm washes over me too. It’s said with the same passion you feed your life with, and the same passion that feeds you.

You force your love inside with silent, strong words and that leaves its mark on me.
And when your strong arms embrace me I think, maybe here in this moment I can be weak.
And with you, I think, I can let my guard down because you’ll never hurt me.
And when your smile shines upon me I think, this sun will bring me hope that’ll carry me.
And when you say you’ll be here forever I want to believe.

Because my friend, you never left me. So why would you ever leave me?

Don’t ever leave me.                                                        

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Ah this is so so... Gosh so beautiful! ^^

I love every word! ^^

So wonderful and nice written ^^

Thankuuuuuuu so much for writing this! ^__^

Aww thank you, that means a lot to me -^__^-

This is nice ^_^ I'm so glad. It suits GDYB. I love it.

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